Thank you for considering Locked In A Room for your corporate team building event.

Locked In A Room is the ideal venue to cultivate team spirit and give employees a unique experience they will be talking about for weeks! Our eight escape rooms run on the same highly themed format, enabling groups of fourty four (eight groups of five/six team members) at full capacity to race against each other over two formats, which adds a significant edge to the friendly but competitive nature of the whole experience.

Once clients exit the reception area, they find themselves entering the strange world of Professor Samuel Pottenger. Upon entry to the rooms they are faced with a non-physical, yet exhilarating, completely immersive race against the clock. Cryptic clues, tests and puzzles are aimed at stretching usual thought processes. Interaction is essential within the group to work out how they will complete the task in order to escape from the room within 60 minutes.

All rooms are monitored both audibly and visually, in order that the designated games master can provide the occasional hint, if required. This will appear on the countdown monitor in each room.

Locked In A Room understands business. Locked In A Room is an all-weather team building venue, centrally located for your convenience, therefore there will be minimal disruption to your day to day business schedule through travelling or time constraints. Companies should allow 80 minutes from arrival to exit (after a group photo of course!).

Still not convinced? – try us with a single team of 3-5 individuals you think could do with a little ‘re-bonding’ …and we’ll show you!

We provide;

Secure spacing for bags/coats
Multi-story parking 2 minute walk away
A professionally created and meticulously safe environment
Comfortable lounge areas upon entry and exit
All clients and players are fully insured with our bespoke insurance policy