Thank you for considering Locked In A Room for your corporate team building event.

Locked In A Room is the ultimate place to provide your employees with an unconventional and unique team building experience that would definitely leave a positive lasting impression! Our 13 purpose-built escape rooms that can run on a capacity of 78 people at one time will not only challenge your employee’s minds; but will also create an environment where their communication skills are tested to their limits – not only will they be racing against the clock, but they will also be racing against each other!

Once clients leave the reception area, they are immediately immersed into a new world and into our two heavily themed rooms which will take them on a journey through the world of science and time travel. Who the clients are in the workplace does not matter here, all that matters is that they escape the room before anyone else! Upon entry to the rooms, they are faced with a non-physical, yet exhilarating, completely immersive race against the clock. Cryptic clues, tests and puzzles are aimed at stretching usual thought processes. Interaction and coming together as a team is essential within the group to work out how they will complete the tasks in order to escape from the room within the 60-minute timeframe.

All rooms are monitored both audibly and visually from our central control room by a games master, who will communicate and provide hints to each team if they are needed. However, we use our experience and skills to ensure that the team that works together the most and work through elements of the room best will escape. While we help teams via a monitor in their room, we also ensure that the best team wins.

We have experience dealing with some of the biggest companies in the UK who undertake this event with a variety of goals in mind; whether it be gathering new recruits together and use this as an icebreaker, or to provide a new environment for old colleagues to reconnect and strengthen their bonds once more.

Locked In A Room understands business. We are an all-weather team building venue, located for your convenience at ExCeL London overlooking Royal Victoria Dock. We find that this experience perfectly complements team meetings and conferences. Companies should allow 90 minutes from arrival to exit (includes a group/team photo of course!) so the whole experience causes minimal travel and time disruption to your daily business commitments, whilst still packing an intense punch of team training.

We also have a range of packages with nearby establishments, perfect for food and drink after the experience. Click here for more information 

We provide:

Secure spacing for bags/coats
A professionally created and safe enviroment
Comfortable lounge areas upon entry and exit
All clients and players are fully insured (£5m).

Still not convinced? – try us with a single team of 3-6 individuals you think could do with a little ‘re-bonding’ and we’ll show you why we believe that we have created the ultimate inclusive team building/training venue, that’s incredibly effective but at the same time a whole lot of fun.

Also feel free to check us out on TripAdvisor HERE and have a look at our trailer below!