Our COVID-19 changes
In line with government guidance, and extended out of our own choice, we have made quite a few changes to our events detailed below;

Every room in every venue comes equipped with industrial spec mechanical ventilation as standard. This ensures air from every room is continuously pumped outside, with fresh air brought in, and not recirculated.

Being home to the UK’s largest escape venues we have ample space for guests however our sessions have been reduced by 50% to make sure there is even more. This also ensures teams will not encounter other groups directly.

We are running games every 2 hours. Despite the industry standard 90-minute sessions, we have always run our sessions every 2 hours. This leaves ample time for further extensive cleaning post-games and further minimises contact between teams.

Upon entering our venues we offer free gloves, masks and sanitiser. Each room also comes equipped with personal sanitiser in case you feel more is wanted mid-game.

We have tightened up our session start times to ensure no contact between teams, whilst also relaxing our rescheduling of sessions if you’re unable to attend due to travel issues.

For more information please contact our head office.

We are delighted you’ve chosen to support us during this time and look forward to locking you up, safely.
How much does it cost?
We are priced at £25 per player with discounts available for teams of 18 or more by contacting our office. We also offer a 10% student discount with code StudyBuddy21 and a 10% discount for BlueLight card holders using code WishBlueWereHere at checkout. Relevant ID’s will be requested upon checking in.
I have a team of 2, can I still play?
As our games are designed for 3 players or more and we want to make sure every team has the very best time we strongly advise not playing as a team of two. If you both are feeling brave enough however, we can accept the booking but it will be charged as a team of 3.
What makes us different?
We are the only escape venue in Europe that can enable a large group up to 52 players (up to 72 coming soon!) to race against each other simultaneously. This considerably adds to the pressure, excitement and adrenaline rush, as if it wasn’t tense enough already! We have made a HUGE effort to theme the venue throughout, so much so that we have been approached by both music and television companies to use our facilities as a backdrop. Our props are original wherever possible from the floor to the ceiling, perfect for setting that eerie scene…
How long is the event?
While you are locked in for a maximum of 60 minutes, the event has the total running time of approximately 90 minutes. We also ask that you are at the venue ready to go 10 minutes before your time slot.
Am I really locked in a room?
You may leave the room at any time you wish through an unlocked door. Your personal game controller is monitoring your entire experience so it is perfectly safe.
Do you have any wheelchair access/chairs in the rooms?
Our Bristol venue offers a fully accessible lift to our waiting room as well as wheelchair accessible toilets and functions. All games also have ample seating to take a moment to relax. Whilst all our rooms are wheelchair accessible unfortunately some aspects of the game may not be fully suitable or playable. Please feel free to contact our office for any advice/notice of special requirements, who will be more than happy to assist with your experience as much as possible.
I’m Pregnant! Can I still play?
Yes, of course. There are no physical challenges in any of our games and we have provided seating in all of the rooms should anyone need to take a break. It’s also worth noting that you are not actually locked inside of a room, you are free to leave at any point during the game through an unlocked door.
Are there any flashing lights?
Smoke, music and actors are all included in our package however at no point in any of our games will there be strobing lights.
How many people can be in a room?
We like to make sure everyone has a great time and that of course includes safety! Our brand new room Jungle is designed for our smaller teams, and has a maximum of 4 players at any one time. Our Infinity and Parallax games have a maximum of 6 players per room, but we have multiple rooms of each! If you have more than 6 players you can play head to head. It’s much more fun and what we specialise in!
Can I make a booking and pay on the day?
Unfortunately, we are not able to book rooms out without some form of payment, however if you call our lovely sales office on 01179 291759 you could secure your event by paying a deposit and pay the rest at the venue on the day. As we are a live event we STRONGLY recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment. On the day availability is available by calling our sales office on 01179 291759 however we can’t always promise a room will be available.
Do I have to be in the room with my kids (14 or younger) or can I just be in the building?
We probably shouldn’t be trusted with The Professor’s precision equipment, and we definitely should not be left in charge of young, impressionable scientists! We will need you to have 1 responsible adult (18+) for each room if there will be Escapees aged 14 and under.
Do you do kids parties?
We don't currently offer any kids party packages as such but feel free to get in touch with the Sales Team on 01179 291759 or at [email protected] who can provide printable party invitations.
Do you have meeting rooms?
Unfortunately, we don’t on site, however we have some great contacts our office can advise you on before or after you visit us within seconds of our venue.
Can we eat/have drinks before or after the game in the venue?
As we are a live event and adhere to a strict schedule, unfortunately not. However, we are surrounded by great restaurants and bars within seconds of our venue!
Can I bring my baby?
Of course, as long as you remember to take them with you after.
Where are you?
Our Bristol venue is nestled in the center of Bristol’s Harbourside, surrounded by great restaurants and bars. You can find our full locations details by clicking here
Do you have parking?
We don’t have our own car park however we are located seconds away from 2 multistorey car parks: Millennium Square Car Park which is 24 hour and has 550 spaces.
Brittania Car Park (Harbourside) which is 24 hour and has 384 spaces.
Do you have to run?
No running is required however we’re not going to stop you!
What can I wear?
There is nothing specifically needed except yourselves. Teams can play in wedding dresses to suits, fancy dress to casual…as long as you’re wearing something, we’re happy.

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